Booking FAQs

We have aimed to make our website easy to use, but we appreciate that you may have a few questions about making bookings. If we haven’t answered the query that you have below, please do email us on and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

Are the experiences featured on this website organised by Experience Hampshire?

All of the experiences on this web portal are provided and arranged by hand-chosen Partners; all experts in their own field, fully insured and ready to welcome you to the activity, course or experience that you have booked.

Will the price that I pay on your website be the same as if I booked direct with the experience provider?

There are no additional charges or service fees of any kind when you book through our website.

Are all experiences on this website Covid compliant ?

All Experience Hampshire Partners adhere to the very latest government Covid advice and operate their experiences within the guidance available at that time. As we are all aware this advice can change from day to day, but our Partners will aim to offer the very best experience that they are able to. If you do decide that you want to cancel your experience booking, then advice can be found here. If you and / or some of your group are unable to travel because of Covid at the last minute, please email and we will liaise with the Partner with whom you have booked to try to negotiate a postponement to a later date.

How does your business work?

We act as an ‘information service’ putting you in touch with an extensive range of experience providers (Partners) around the county. We earn a commission from our Partners each time you book an experience and this in turn helps us improve the service that we offer and growing our business for the benefit of all involved. Our customers will appreciate an even better range of experiences, our Partners will love the extra bookings and Hampshire benefits from the collaboration between us all. For more information about Experience Hampshire, please click here.

Is insurance included for my experience?

All of our Partners are required to have full and inclusive Liability Insurance in place to cover the experience that they are offering

Can I pay with Apple Pay?

The option to pay with Apple Pay will appear on the checkout page of our site if you are using the Safari browser. Unfortunately the option to use Apple Pay is not available when you use other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox.

Can I create a list of experiences that appeal to me to save for a later date?

The website has a ‘Wish List’ facility which allows you to save experiences for a later date. You can click on the heart icon showing to the top right of any experience description and then either create a Wish List to save it to or add it an existing Wish List. Wish Lists can be given a unique name and help you organise experiences that you like the look of and that you might want to save to book at a later date. Please note that you will need to be logged in to our site to use this facility.

Can I share details of an experience that interests me with my friends?

Yes. When you click to view the details of any experience, you have the ability to share this (by email) with friends, colleagues and family members who you think might be interested in the same experience

What are the benefits of booking my experience through Experience Hampshire?

We have spent many hours and used our expert knowledge of the county to discover a range of unusual and interesting experiences from a host of Partners. Our website will enable to you discover experiences and activities that you never knew existed and inspire you to try things that you might not have considered previously! Since we are constantly adding new experiences to the site, a return visit will bring up an ever increasing range of things to do in Hampshire, whether you have lived here all of your life or are visiting for a few days.

Can I book an experience and then invite others to accompany me?

Once you have made a booking for an experience, you can view the details of that booking and use the ‘Invite others’ function to share details of that booking with friends, family or colleagues who might be joining you. You just need their name and an email address.

Can I share details of an experience with friends before I book it to see if they might be interested in joining me?

When you are searching for experiences, you will see a ‘Share Results’ button (top right of screen). By clicking on this, you can then copy the website page link to your Clipboard and then paste it in to an email (or messaging app) to share with friends, family or colleagues.

What happens if I have to cancel an experience that I have booked through the site?

We understand that issues occasionally arise that means that you can't travel on an experience as planned. By going to your Bookings page on our site, you can find details of that booking and then use the Cancel function to confirm your cancellation. Please be aware that cancellations within 14 days of your planned experience do incur charges, details of which will be confirmed to you at the time.

Is it possible to arrange a "private" experience for my friends, team or family?

For some experiences this is not possible, but where it is, simply select one of the private tickets and this will ensure that you have the experience to yourselves. Check that there are enough places for your whole group in the ticket that you select.

I would like to make a booking for today. Is this possible?

In order that we can just confirm that the experience is available for you and give us time to make the required arrangements, you are only able to make a booking more than 6 hours ahead of the chosen experience. We might be able to arrange something for you inside of 6 hours before the experience starts. Please call us on 07801 644022 to see if we can help.

I need to talk to someone about one of my bookings

Whilst we hope that you will be able to find all the information that you need on our website, we realise that you might have a question. Please click here to make contact.

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