Voucher FAQs

Can I purchase a voucher for any value?

Yes. You can choose the voucher value of your choice in multiples of £10

How do I send the voucher to the recipient?

When you buy a voucher on this site, your will be asked for an email address to which the voucher should be sent. The system will then automatically email it to that recipient once you have made the purchase. You will be asked if your would like the voucher to be sent immediately or the sending delayed to a date that you specify (a birthday for instance).

Is there a physical paper voucher available?

We don't normally offer a physical voucher, but if you would like one to give to someone, please email hello@experiencehampshire.uk and we will make arrangements to create one for you.

Will the value of the voucher show to the recipient?

The email voucher that they receive shows who it has been sent from and also the value of that voucher.

What happens if the recipient books an experience that is more expensive than the voucher value?

When a booking is made on our site, the purchaser (the recipient in this case) is able to enter the unique voucher number as full or part payment. If the voucher doesn't cover the full value of the experience, then the balance can be made with a credit card.

What happens if the recipient books an experience that is of a lower cost than the voucher value?

In this case, the recipient would use the voucher to pay for the experience. The system does not currently offer 'refunds' ,but we are happy to create a voucher to the value of the difference. Email hello@experiencehampshire.uk

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