Partner FAQs

How do I sign up as an Experience Hampshire Partner?

We are always looking for artisans, creatives and small business owners to join our collective. You can sign up at any time by clicking here and one of our team will then be in touch.

How many experiences do I need to offer to feature on the website?

Whilst we are looking to offer our customers as many different and varied experiences as we can, we don’t stipulate how many experiences each Partner has to offer on the website. You could offer your experience/s once a day, once a week, or once a month and then adjust your schedule at a future date, once you can see what the demand is.

When do I need to upload dates and availability of my experiences?

You first need to register as a Partner and you are then able log-in to your profile on the website at any time and, using the simple-to-use calendar provided, to add the dates and times of all your experiences.

Some Partners prefer to offer their experiences for our customers to purchase as 'vouchers'. In this way, customers buy a voucher for your experience and our system then puts you both in touch via email to arrange a mutually agreeable date for that experience to take place.

How will I know when I receive a booking?

Every time one of our customers books an experience, you will receive an email giving you a link to your Partner portal. You need to click on the link in the email and then confirm each booking that shows. We hope that you will be able to do this as soon as possible but in any event well within the 48 hour limit.

At any time, you will then be able to log-in to your Partner portal and see all of the bookings that have been made for your experience/s through our site. This will include all future and all past bookings so that you can see quickly how the Experience Hampshire website is working for you.

How is the commission paid?

Our commission (20%) is paid to us and the 80% balance is paid to you the week before any booked experience takes place. More information about this will be in your Partner Pack.

I'm worried my photos are not great quality.

Taking beautiful photos that represent your experience or activity can be tricky. We have a team of friendly professional photographers who have agreed to offer our Partners a special price for coming to you and taking marketing photos. You can use them on this website but also on your own website or social media - which is a bit of a bonus! If you're interested, well… remember Roger? That's right! Let him know and he can sort it out for you.

Will I need Liability Insurance to be able to offer experiences?

All of our Partners will need to provide their own Liability Insurance to cover any experiences that they are offering. If you are already arranging experiences, then you will have this in place, but if you are a new organiser then you will need to make arrangements for cover. You can contact the BIBA, the Trade Association for Insurance Brokers and whilst it is not regulated to provide advice, they do offer a referral service that assists people in finding insurance. They can be contacted via their website at

How will my experience/s be categorised so that it can be found on your site?

Customers will be able to search for experiences that appeal to them by category and the website will then present them with experiences that we believe will appeal to them. You will be asked to select which of the following categories your experience/s fit in to (you can select just one category, or choose a number) - fun and entertaining, enlightening, calming and relaxing, creative, tasty, musical, adventurous, romantic, quirky, nature focussed, for rainy days.

How much business will I get as a result of being on the site?

Experience Hampshire launched in December 2021 and since then we have been working hard to build our brand, attract Partners and new customers to our site. Traffic to the website and to our Social Media channels is increasing rapidly as more and more people find out about us. Our current marketing plan involves digital marketing and remarketing, print advertising, attending local festivals, engaging with local Influencers and promoting our business on buses and at service stations and railway stations.

We are also regularly engaged with local publishers to provide content for magazine articles, newspaper features and blogs. Click here to see a recent article in the premier lifestyle magazine, Hampshire Life, which we featured highly in

I have forgotten my password to log in to my Partner account. How can I reset it?

Click here to reset your password

I have more questions/I'm stuck on the form, or I just have some questions before I sign up ...

Remember Roger? Well he's on hand to answer any of your questions via email or phone and you will find his information in the initial email you were sent. Alternatively just email us now using

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