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Experience Hampshire is the gatekeeper for Hampshire’s biggest and best kept secrets.

Our mission is to become the go-to platform for locals and visitors to seek out, book and take part in original Hampshire-based activities and experiences. Whether you are an adventurer, an explorer, creative, or just curious, we have something for you. We hand-pick unique activity providers, artisans, hosts and local experts who offer their bespoke collection of experiences to our customers through our online portal.

The Benefits of Experience Hampshire for our Partners:

Running a small business that is built on your passion and skills can be hard work and demanding. We aim to help our Partners cut out some of the tasks that come with filling spaces in workshops and building other revenue streams. How? Experience Hampshire will be a perfect shop window and online reservation portal for our Partners as providers of activities and experiences, effectively taking on the tasks of marketing, booking and reservation management. Our marketing efforts will be focused on bringing your unique activities in front of your potential customers, and our significant investment in technology will ensure that the reservation and booking process is as easy and straightforward as possible for both you and your customers. This means you can spend more time doing what you love!

Our investment in making your business a success:

Our extensive contacts within the county, combined with over 30 years’ experience in the tourism / travel trade, makes us very well equipped to offer a range of the very best quality experiences. Simply put, we know what we are doing!

We have made a significant investment in technology which, in conjunction with our tourism expertise allows us to provide our customers with the very best service and support, creating a seamless search and booking experience. This will greatly enhance your ability to attract customers to the experiences and activities you offer, make the booking process efficient and straightforward and therefore reduce the time and effort you currently spend on administration and reservation management. This in turn will help you gain repeat bookings and also extend your client base through satisfied customer referrals to friends, families and colleagues.

Our local focus and expertise:

We are a locally-based, independent business with a focus on supporting and promoting our Partners for the benefit of your business, our customers, the local Hampshire economy and our collective future development. We want to help you to sell lots of experiences through our site!

Our support and input:

Our online portal has been developed specifically to make the search and booking process as seamless and straightforward as possible for both customers and Partners. We are committed to the continued development of our platform to ensure that we continue to meet this objective. You will benefit directly from this investment to ensure that the search and booking process for your prospective customers benefits from the latest available technology.

As part of our business development, we will be promoting our site on various social media channels and connecting with Hampshire-based publications, Bloggers and Influencers. By promoting and marketing Experience Hampshire we will also be directly promoting all of our Partners’ activities and experiences, which will lead to additional business for you. We will effectively be your marketing department!

As a valued Partner of Experience Hampshire, you will have the full support of our team which will include a 24 hour helpline to call should you have anything to clarify or discuss.

We will personally work with you to make sure you get the very best return from the experiences and activities you offer. We will regularly supply statistics detailing which potential customers have been looking at your experience on our website. If conversion to bookings isn’t quite at the level we would hope, our team will be on hand to discuss a strategy with you.

 "The onboarding experience is very enjoyable with Roger and his team, as almost everything is made as easy as possible. The website is easy to use, and any questions quickly replied to.

 Once we had laid out the experience procedures for the guests, a member of EH road tested the experience themselves.

 This allowed us the opportunity to see how our processes fitted into the needs of the potential customers, and also gave EH the opportunity to take some promotional photographs, while soaking up the atmosphere and energy of live radio.

Their enthusiasm for our Experience is really appreciated, and if makes you feel you are also part of the team, rather than just an attraction" ..... Xan, Station Manager at Southampton radio station Voice FM

No up-front cost or long term commitment:

We designed Experience Hampshire with our Partners in mind, so wanted to make it as flexible as possible. This means that there is no cost to sign up to offer your experience through our online portal. You will just pay a competitive commission for the sales that you make through our site. See more details about this by clicking here.

There is no fixed-term contract. You can join and leave the site at any time, subject to honouring existing bookings and commitments.

Join our adventure:

Whether you run photography courses, tree climbing, cookery classes, paddleboard experiences or gin-making courses, or offer any kind of other experiences that you think might appeal to our audience, then we would love to hear from you. You might be part of a collective or work alone, or you might have an amazing skill that you would love to share with others. We’d love to chat to you about your passion and see how we might help you share it with our customers. Even if you just have the idea and have never run an experience of your own before, we would love to chat to you to help bring the concept to reality.

The images below are from a Partner event in April 2022 at Gambledown Farm near Romsey attended by around 50 of our trusted Partners. Wine was supplied by Black Chalk and Noughty.


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