We're supporting jumblebee

jumblebee is a business whose aim is to help good causes raise funds. They have started to use experiences in their auctions to raise funds for charities and organisations; we're a website teaming with Experiences - so it was a perfect match to support one another. Find out more about jumblebee and what it means to us to support this amazing local organisation.

What is jumblebee?

jumblebee is a fundraising platform that uses various tools to raise money such as silent auctions, ticket sales, pop up shop and online marketplaces. They work with charities, schools, villages, clubs, associations, businesses, communities and individuals on their mission to make fundraising fun, engaging and accessible.

jumblebee history

jumblebee was founded in 2012 by Charles Fulton. Charles had joined the fundraising committee at his children's school. It was during a drive to raise money for a development project that sparked the idea to create a fundraising website. Once launched, the website quickly grew in popularity with other schools, clubs and organisations using the tools to effectively raise money.

How we're working together

We're offering a select few Experiences to be used as auction items on the jumblebee website. These range from chocolate making to an evening alongside a celebrity chef in their kitchen. Because we already have so many incredible Experiences on our website, it makes perfect sense to support jumblebee in their mission to help people with their fundraising efforts.

Find out more about jumble bee here.

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