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Winchester has played a part in many well known films and TV series, including, most recently, Netflix's The Crown. With its ancient walls, famous cathedral and ancient architecture, it's long been popular with film directors and cast members alike

Winchester Cathedral has played a pivotal role in various film and television productions, with Netflix's The Crown being among the notable ones. The cathedral served as a convincing stand-in for St Paul's Cathedral in key scenes such as the funeral of Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the 1981 wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. Additionally, it was featured in the portrayal of Lord Mountbatten's funeral, despite the real-life event occurring at Westminster Abbey. Recognized by The Daily Mail as one of The Crown's most Instagrammable locations, Winchester Cathedral has become a sought-after setting for filmmakers.

In the cinematic adaptation of Dan Brown's mystery thriller, The Da Vinci Code (2006), starring Tom Hanks, Winchester Cathedral took on the role of the Vatican. The film revolves around the investigation of a murder in the Louvre, with clues hidden in Da Vinci paintings leading to the unraveling of a religious mystery guarded by a secret society.

The cathedral also made appearances in Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007), the sequel to Elizabeth, featuring Cate Blanchett and Clive Owen. Set against the backdrop of Queen Elizabeth's later years, the film explores her challenges, including court intrigues, an assassination plot, the Spanish Armada, and romantic disappointments.

Winchester Cathedral played a significant part in the BBC miniseries adaptation of Wolf Hall in 2014. The series, based on the acclaimed novel, depicts the downfall of Cardinal Wolsey, with his secretary, Thomas Cromwell, navigating the treacherous intrigues of King Henry VIII's court and assuming a perilous role as a close advisor to the King.

Beyond these major productions, Winchester Cathedral has been chosen as a backdrop for smaller projects, including The Many Lovers of Jane Austen (TV Movie, 2011), where historian and professor Amanda Vickery explores the enduring popularity of Jane Austen's books. Additionally, an episode of The Ruth Rendell Mysteries in 1990 was filmed within the cathedral and Winchester College. The cathedral's versatile and picturesque surroundings continue to attract a diverse array of filmmakers seeking an atmospheric and historically rich setting.

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