An Ode to Ditching the Gym

Ditch the gym,

it's just a whim,

instead; try something fun.

Forest bathing,

cocktail making,

or foraging in the sun.

For your arms, try fly fishing,

or kneading sourdough bread.

For your legs there's nordic walking,

or stroll with alpacas instead.

Get your steps up with a tour,

of Winchester of Soton,

or try a New Forest cycle,

with the help of an electric button!

Lay a hedge and your shoulders get buff,

but not the same kind as life drawing.

Carve a spoon or make a bangle,

staying fit doesn't need to be boring.

So ditch the sweaty gym kit,

and the dirty changing room floor.

We've plenty of healthy Experiences,

check out our website for more!

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